Mullumbimby Summer comp





Tuesday 21st October


6pm                  The Merkins  Vs     Bye week ( real team not an actual bye)

                             The Fossils   VS     Disrobe 

                              FMG            VS     Green Gropers

               Dangas Demos   Vs     The Nuffies 


6.50pm    Werewolves      VS          Bangalow Rugby

               Salumi              Vs           Bullrouts 




Tuesday 28th October


6pm                  Dangas Demos  Vs     Bye week ( real team not an actual bye)

                                The Merkins  Vs    Green Gropers 

                                 FMG            VS     Bullrouts

               Bangalow Rugby   Vs     The Nuffies 


6.50pm    Werewolves      VS        Disrobe

               Salumi              Vs        The Fossils 



4th November    Melbourne Cup


No game