Mullumbimby Summer comp





Round 10  Tuesday 6th January


6pm                Dangas Demos   Vs         FMG

                            Bullrouts          Vs         The Nuffies

                    Bangalow Rugby   Vs          Green Gropers

                                  Salumi        Vs          Merkins 


6.50pm       Disrobe            Vs            Tunnel Fittag

                          Werewolves      Vs          The Strugglers


Round  11   Tuesday 13th January    


6pm                Dangas Demos   Vs        Werewolves

                    Bangalow Rugby   Vs        Bullrouts

                                               FMG   Vs         The Merkins

                                        Salumi    Vs         Tunnel Fittag


6.50pm   Green Gropers    Vs         Disrobe

                              The Nuffies   Vs        The Strugglers


Round  12   Tuesday 20th January    


6pm               The Strugglers   Vs        Bangalow Rugby

                                Disrobe    Vs        Bullrouts

                                               FMG   Vs         Tunnel Fittag

                                        Salumi    Vs        Green Gropers


6.50pm   Dangas Demos    Vs         Ther Merkins

                              The Nuffies   Vs        Werewolves






 Oztag will break for Christmas and will be back on Tuesday  the 6th Jan


Merry Christmas!